Kirsty Letham cbt

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

what is cbt?



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help when we are feeling stuck in a cycle of unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours; altering the way in which we think or behave can have a significant impact on how we feel and our emotional wellbeing. CBT can help provide meaning and understanding as to why you might be feeling a certain way and we can work together to make positive changes and move away from unhelpful thinking or behavioural patterns.



What can I expect from therapy?


Sessions last 50 minutes and are typically weekly.  The number of sessions varies from client to client and these are reviewed collaboratively; this type of therapy is designed to be short term and not open ended.  At the start of therapy clear goals will be set out based on what you want to achieve, CBT works most effectively when you apply learning from the sessions to everyday life and so you will be encouraged to undertake work at home between sessions.  All sessions are completely confidential unless you disclose anything that may pose serious harm to yourself or another person, risk will be discussed in depth during your first session.